Sunday, 31 October 2010

Gnocchi with pumpkin and pork mince ragu'

Happy halloween! Yes I know, this is not the best picture I could have choosen to show my face for the first time, but don't worry this is not my everyday look heeheh.You can also see pictured  the main ingredient of today's recipe: my 50 pence pumpkin from Tesco! We decided to celebrate halloween watching  some japanese horror movies with a nice bottle of red chianti and a very filling main course: gnocchi with pumpkin and pork ragu'. Here's the final dish:

you will need:

500 gr of gnocchi (I used ready made ones, but ideally home made gnocchi are perfect for this dish)
300 gr pumpkin (in this case I used what I scooped from the one we carved in the picture above)
350 gr pork mince
1 glass red wine
1 medium onion
1 small red chili
olive oil
pepper, salt to tase

First prepare the pumpkin in a bowl and finely chop the onion and carrot to prepare the base for the ragu.
Start by fring the onion and the carrot in a bit of olive oil in a pan, when golden add the mince meat and keep stirring. After some minutes, add the glass of red wine:

Now you can add the pumpkin:

keep stirring and add a cup of water to allow the pumpkin to cook properly, add pepper and salt. I also added some of my fresh chilies ( no seeds!)

In the meanwhile prepare the gnocchi by boiling them in a separate pan:  add some water in a pan, salt and when boiling add the gnocchi. Once they start raising to the surface it means they're ready and you can drain them:

ready! Drain the gnocchi, mix them with the ragu and add some grated cheese. Serve hot

Enjoy your halloween!  - Above: meet Cheeky, my british shorthair kitty quite curious about the pumpkin


  1. i would make this vegetarian so just do pumpkin gnocchi but it is a great idea for this season:) i miss halloween!