Tuesday, 14 September 2010

linguine alle verdure - ready in 10 minutes linguine with vegetables

When it comes to preparing my lunch I wish it could be ready in 10 minutes, but excluding all those microwave stuff and frozen fish fingers ...what else could be the choice to save my time but eat nice healthy stuff anyway?

Italians have the answers hehe.Here's how I made my 10 minutes ready delicious vegetables linguine. (it's just a matter personal preference to spaghetti, I like the texture of linguine pasta better):

in one pan I start boiling the water with salt

at the same time in another frying pan I use a little bit of olive oil, chopped red onion and let it cook for 3 minutes with a couple of anchovies 

roughly chop courgettes, fresh mushrooms, fresh cherry tomatoes and mix it in the pan for the sauce, add some chopped basil (always chop the fresh basil using the hands, not the knife)

when the water is boiling add the pasta until 'al dente' and drain it : I always always always use the pan where I prepared the sauce to finish the pasta for a minute with a medium fire : this way the taste will be stronger and the condiment properly spread. 

If you like, you can add some grated parmesan :) 



  1. Hello, That is a nice healthy pasta! Thank you:)

  2. thank you Chef Chuck! that's a very simple dish, yet very healthy and delicious

  3. wow those dishes all sound amazing!Lately I have been looking into italian food products. I cannot wait to try new things!