Monday, 6 September 2010

a sweet treat: Coccole with ricotta cheese, coconut and cocoa powder super easy and yummy!

These cute yummy little fluffy snow balls are a very easy yet delicious sweet treat for your guests and family, and I tasted them first during a bbq we had last June to celebrate our house warming party.

A friend of mine prepared the 'coccole' (cuddles) and everybody absolutely loved them! The bonus is that you don't have to bake anything, so if you 're very busy and don't have so much time to spend in the kitchen, this is the ideal solution to impress your guess a positive way!

The main ingredient for this recipe is ricotta cheese: this is one of my favourite ingredients as it's so versatile and light (and cheap!) and I use it for both sweet and savoury dishes.
Living in UK, I found my ricotta at asda, but this can be found in many other main supermarkets:

You will need:
250 gr of Ricotta cheese
100 gr of sugar
150 gr essicated coconut powder
50 gr of cocoa powder

food colors, and aromas (I used vanilla and almond aroma) , and if you like some rhum or brandy for the chocolate ones

Start by softening the ricotta cheese in a bowl using a fork , and then add the sugar keeping mixing.

Add  100 gr of essicated coconut and keep stirring until you have a quite firm texture

I divided the mixture in 4 different bowls, so that I could color and flavour each bowl differently using food colorants and aromas: I went for a blue-vanilla coconut flavour, a yellow -almond one and kept the white just with coconut and the coccoa ones with brandy ...just followed my personal tastes, but you can decide to have them all chocolate if you like and mix the cocoa powder without dividing the compost.

once you have mixed and you get the desired shade of colour, leave the bowls to cool in the fridge for about  20 minute, so they are firm enough tobe worked.

and with the help of a teaspoon and your scuplting skills...form some little balls

...and roll them in the remaining coconut flour you left aside, and you're done!

Store in the fridge, and serve chilled...enjoy!

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  1. These sounds really good and as you say not too complicated - the chocolate ones get my vote of course.