Thursday, 2 September 2010

My first post!

I thought to give a simple kickstart to a simple blog about simple Italian food, just sharing my feelings at the moment with this short post.

I will tell you why I decided to start this blog today.

Well, I have just recently came back from a wonderful holiday in Tuscany and Umbria with my family and as I am back to Uk with all these gorgeous images in mind about all the fantastic places I have been, and how amazing was the food that I decided to share my impressions by using this blog...and why not also let you know about my everyday life and moments (hoping I won't bore you!)

The place we have been is called 'Agriturismo' and these are very popular rural accomodation in Tuscany and central Italy regions: 'rural' is actually the settings and the feeling you get from your stay even if you actually get all the comforts of a 4 star hotel :) We even had a luxourious swimming pool overlooking a splendid sunflower field! Ohhh it's almost painful thinking the holiday is now over :(

I remember one night my sister wanted to try to cook 'fiorentina' , that is actually a very thik cut of Tbone steak ...and the owner of the agriturimo kindly offered to cook it for us on his charcoal open oven was so succulent and delicious, the most amazing steak I have ever had

Fancy a dinosaur rib, Wilma?

Tuscan antipasto (starter): Hams, melon and bruschetta


  1. Lucia,
    That's Tuscan Prosciutto and Melone a classic of the Tuscan cuisine. The taste of Tuscan Prosciutto is unique, it is saltier, and richer since it is cured differently than the Prosciutto di Parma. I am not sure is it is available in the UK, unfortunately it isn't available in the US. Definitely is not of the same family of the English Ham.

  2. Ciao! Yes I don't buy ham here in UK hehe can't afford it!
    I think Parma ham is unbeatable, not too salty, sweet tasting and melting in your mouth. It's something really special! My sister lives near parma so you can imagine me everytime I go to see here!
    Tuscan hams are very tasty and not as sweet as Parma ham, but as delicious! Thanks for stopping by, welcome back anytime!